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Providing An Open Forum For the Discussion of The Right To Practice
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Alternative health and healing; spiritual massage healing; teaching the healing arts, in cooperation with God and Nature, with the purpose and intention of healing the planet, ourselves and one another. This is what you can do in your community. The energy that is generated affects the well-being of the entire universe in a positive healing way. We are all participants in the healing process.

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The authors of these reports about state regulation, national certification, etc. are not attorneys. Their opinions and conclusions are therefore not to be taken as legal advice. They invite comments about their reports, with permission to publish them the Massage Law Newsletter.


Of SPECIAL Interest

Massage Law Newsletter Vol 20, No.2

Are All State Laws that Regulate Massage Therapists Illegal?

In 1989, AMTA initiated legal action against the Maryland state Board of Physical Therapy Examiners et al because the Board assumed it had a legal right to regulate massage therapists. AMTA claimed that the Board's action was illegal for reasons set forth in its complaint filed on December 8, 1989. These reasons included violation of the right to commercial speech and violation of antitrust laws. Part 6 of this report presents some sections of AMTA's complaint.

We believe present-day regulation of massage therapists by state boards (of massage therapy, chiropractic, nursing, medicine, etc.) may be illegal because it violates the same laws that AMTA accused the Maryland state Board of Physical Therapy Examiners of violating in 1989.

We believe AMTA's complaint provides evidence that state regulation of massage therapists may be illegal.

We believe state regulation of massage therapists, by the above-mentioned boards, may be illegal for the same reasons that AMTA considered it illegal for the Maryland Board of Physical Therapist Examiners to regulate them.

We invite you to examine the evidence.

Of Special Interest

A New Paradigm For Massage Based On Subtle Energy and Quantum Science

by Albert Schatz and Mary L. Brewster


We invite you to join this guided tour of a new world of massage, and learn about the reality, philosophy, and subtle energies in this new world. You don't have to leave your home, family, and friends, or pay for travel and accommodations. You don't have to learn a new language. You only have to learn about a new paradigm. If you tell your clients and massage therapists about this new world, some of them may join you there. Everybody is welcome and people may stay as long they want.

Biographies - Bios - Biographies of Dr. Albert Schatz and Rev. Mary L. Brewster, M.Ed

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Mary Brewster and Albert Schatz lead workshops in Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Massage Healing, Dowsing for Health, and Therapeutic Touch. We have given workshops in Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Arizona, Minnesotta and the District of Columbia. If you are interested in sponsoring a workshop, contact us.

Dr. Albert Schatz

Rev. Mary L. Brewster, M.Ed
95 West Stafford Road
Stafford Springs, CT 06076
Phone: 860-684-3984
email: maryella1@earthlink.net

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