JSB Vol. 1

Journal of Spiritual Bodywork is concerned with (a) the spiritual aspects of bodywork healing, (b)the bodywork needed to heal Mother Earth from the devastation of nature which now threatens our survival as a species, and (c) what these two kinds of healing have in common.


Vol. 1. No. 4.

Schatz, A. Spiritual massage healing. Part l: It is Alternative or complementary health care. Part 2: What is alternative and what is complementary health care?

Brewster, M. "Humor is a prelude to faith, and laughter is the beginning of prayer..

Doctors are interested in spiritual healing.

A spiritual engineer.

Vol. 1. No. 3.

Schatz, A. A search for an appropriate philosophy of massage. Part 1: Newtonian-Cartesian science.

Book review. Healing Touch by Zach Thomas.

Vol. 1. No. 2.

Widespread interest in spiritual aspects of massage.

What kind of massage do you weave and what kind do you serve?

Neruda, P. Ode to the Tomato.

An unusual benefit of massage.

Pennsylvania recognizes four different kinds of massage.

Advisory Board.


Schatz, A. The Church for Spiritual Healing and Health. Spiritual. Spiritual Massage Healing.

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