JSB Vol.2 No.3

Journal of Spiritual Bodywork

 Vol.. 2, No. 3                                             ISSN 1079-8390                                        September 1996



Albert Schatz, Ph.D.


I did the healings in a co-creative partnership with nature by working with my Professional MAP Team for contact (hands-on) healing.

I worked on Peter three times a week for two weeks.

The only physical contact I had with Peter occurred when I placed my hands lightly on his shoulders for 10 minutes during each healing.

I scanned Peter's energy field with L-rods before and after each healing. Each time, his energy field was asymmetrical before I worked on him. Afterwards it was uniform, balanced, and extended 50 to 100% farther out from his body.

Peter's back problem, which the healing resolved, is medically well-documented over a period of more than 27 years.

The only treatment doctors offered Peter was back surgery.

Peter's problem was so serious that he was already scheduled for surgery when I began working with him. 

Because the healing significantly relieved Peter's pain and incapacitation, the surgery was cancelled two or three days before it was scheduled.

The healing is the only logical explanation for Peter's recovery.

This report includes a case history written by Peter who tells in his own words the story of his back problem, what medical treatments he received, what I did, and the results he experienced. What he wrote is unedited. However, I did add the italicized sentences in parentheses to explain Peter's comments immediately preceding my sentences. His comments need my clarification because I did not tell Peter that I worked with a Professional MAP (Medical Assistance Program) Team. That would have introduced something entirely new to him, which might have influenced his attitude one way or the other. In talking with him on his first visit, I did comment briefly on Therapeutic Touch because I was going to scan his subtle energy field. Many people have heard about Therapeutic Touch and know that it involves the subtle energy field.

I wrote the rest of the report. I use the word healing  because that is what many people would think I was doing if they saw me with my hands resting lightly on Peter's shoulders. The terms and phraseology in the section on how I work with my Professional MAP Team are explained in Machaelle Small Wright's publications. Future issues of the Journal and Newsletter will present information about her work and its application to health. For information about her books, audio tapes, etc., call 703-937-2153 and request a free Perelandra catalogue.

  Peter's case history

I am a 43 year old male with a history of back problems. I believe my back problems were caused by a combination of genetic predisposition toward back problems. Both my mother and her brother have had back problems and back surgery, and I was told when I was in junior high that I had "lumbar lordosis." I was placed in a remedial gym and told that I might have back problems later in life.

Plus, during my early working life, I performed jobs that required a lot of repeated heavy lifting. I routinely would carry weights of 40-80 pounds in awkward situations: up and down steps, lifting and twisting in cramped quarters, etc. Plus, I was never educated as to the proper techniques of lifting and the importance of back care. I considered myself to be a strong young man and I welcomed physical challenges that other workers couldn't or wouldn't tackle.

The combination of genetic predisposition, job demands, and lack of understanding of back care eventually resulted in me having a case of extremely painful sciatica when I was about 34 years old. I saw an orthopedic surgeon and he told me I had a ruptured disk and he recommended the conservative treatment of three months of bed rest to see if I improved. I did not improve, and I underwent a "diskectomy" which eliminated the pain in my leg.

I returned to my active life style, albeit with limitations on lifting and a new understanding of how to treat my back. Part of this life style included playing basketball on Sundays. One Sunday, after chasing after another guy on a fast break, I crashed into a padded wall. My sciatica returned big time, and I was in pain for about two weeks. After the two weeks, the pain subsided, but I was left with numbness and weakness in my left leg. My big toe and areas on my front calf and top foot were numb. Plus I could no longer raise my left foot or toe even with much force.

I saw a neurosurgeon at this point, and he told me that although it had appeared that I had suffered some more disk damage, my numbness and weakness had not resulted in any severe loss of function. Since I was not in much pain, and since the leg numbness and weakness had not resulted in my being unable to do things I needed to do, he recommended I simply live with this new condition. He suggested I continue with the exercises I had learned in physical therapy. He also told me that at some future point, I would probably require another surgical procedure.

A few years later, I once again started experiencing severe sciatica. I had an MRI and went back to the neurosurgeon. This time I saw the original neurosurgeon's partner. He told me I should try bed rest again, which I tried with no result. He then told me he thought I had a condition called "spondylolisthesis."

Here is an abstract of this condition and the remedy he suggested I would need: "Spondylolisthesis is a partial forward dislocation of one vertebra over the one below it. Severe, symptomatic spondylolisthesis is usually treated with spinal arthrodesis (surgical fixation) and fusion of the joint without correction of the deformity. The goal of treatment is decompression of the nerves and long-term stabilization of the spinal joints by fusion." He also explained that the technique he used included placing screws and a bracket in the back.

However, during my period of bed rest, I also saw the orthopedic surgeon that performed my original diskectomy. After examining the same MRI that the neurosurgeon did, he concluded that I did not have spondylolisthesis and I had simply re-ruptured the disk I had originally ruptured. He suggested I wait a few more weeks to see if it got better on its own, or he would try another surgical procedure to remove the protruding disk material.

I decided that since I had already been in major pain after four weeks of bed rest and had already missed three weeks of work and was looking at missing more work with no end in sight, I decided to go ahead with the surgery. I went ahead and scheduled the surgery for the first available slot the hospital had, about three weeks hence.

During that three weeks, I talked with Al Schatz about Therapeutic Touch. (I told Peter about Therapeutic Touch because it is a well-known way of working with an individual's energy field, and I would be working with his energy field when I scanned him with L-rods. But I did not do Therapeutic Touch.) Al encouraged me to come see him, maybe he could help. He told me that the healing techniques he would try were non-intrusive, would do no damage, and might help.  At this point, I was so frustrated and in such pain that I thought what the heck, there is nothing to lose and maybe something to gain.

I saw Al a few times a week for two weeks. During those times, I simply sat in a chair while Al talked to me about my condition and about balancing my energy fields. Usually, but not every time, he would have me stand up while he approached me with two metal rods that he held in his hands. He said he was examining my energy field.

Then he would put the rods down and fold his hands and close his eyes while he consulted his "chi." (When I folded my hands, I was consulting my Professional MAP Team and doing kinesiology to get advice from my team. I often close my eyes to avoid distraction when I consult my Team.) Then he would put his hands on my shoulders for a while. Then we would talk some more and then I would leave.

The only thing I noticed after Al's sessions is that I usually slept well that night. During this period, one night I dreamed my condition improved.

My surgery was scheduled for a Thursday. The prior week I had seen my doctor for a pre-surgery exam and went to the hospital for the pre-admissions testing. I was all set to have the surgery and was looking forward to being relieved of the pain in my butt and returning to regular life.

The Monday before the surgery, I woke up and I knew something was different. The pain. although still present, was noticeably decreased. This after five weeks of constant agonizing pain with no improvement. I got up and walked around and looked for things to do that would keep me on my feet to make sure that the improvement was real. I went down to the kitchen and washed the dishes. This took about 30 minutes. My pain did not increase. I did a few other things around the house and the pain did not increase.

I called the surgeon's office to report this change in my status. He called back  and said that we should cancel the surgery. If I was getting better for now, we should leave things alone. We could always reschedule the surgery if I needed it.

That was seven months ago. Although the numbness has spread slightly into my left knee, I remain mostly pain-free.  I have returned to work and have resumed all of my regular activities. My loss of function remains limited and I avoid heavy lifting. I do engage in light lifting, bicycling, coaching my son's little league team, housework, and most other regular day-to-day activities.

I am grateful to Al for taking the time to teach me about healing and for expending his energy in my behalf. I believe it probably spared me from an unnecessary and unproductive surgical procedure. For this I am grateful to Al and to the people that have developed the techniques he used. I would recommend it to anyone, as there is little to be lost and much to be gained by trying this mode of healing.

 How I work with

my Professional MAP Team

What follows is information I did not tell Peter because, as I have already explained, it might have influenced his attitude one way or the other, which I did not want. 

I worked in a co-creative partnership with nature by connecting with my Professional MAP Team for contact (hands-on) healing. I opened the coning to connect with this team shortly before or as soon as Peter arrived. I closed the coning soon after he left. I tested myself with essences when that was appropriate.

When I open this coning, for contact healing, I visualize the symbol that I selected for this team - a pair of hands held palm to palm with fingers pointing up. Many people pray in this position. I do not hold my hands in that position. Nor do I pray. I simply visualize this symbol to facilitate my connecting with my Professional MAP Team for contact healing.

I have other symbols for other professional MAP teams with which I work. For example, the symbol for my Professional MAP Team for distant healing is the Greek letter ?, which represents subtle energy. This energy is involved in distant healing and Therapeutic Touch. I try to consciously maintain my focus on my intent throughout the entire healing.

The contact (hands-on) healing procedure I do is different for each individual, and may vary from time to time when I work on the same person. There is no one standard contact healing procedure for everybody, or even for a series of healing for the same person with the same problem. Whether I do other things, such as balancing and stabilizing, as part of the healing  procedure depends on what advice I get from my team. I obtain this advice and other information by kinesiology. I frequently get information intuitively, but always check the validity of that information with my Team.

Even when the advice makes no sense to me, I do what my team advises. For example, it would never have occurred to me to place my hands on Peter's shoulders, which is precisely what my team advised me to do. His case history does not refer to any problem with his shoulders. Nor did he tell me that his shoulders had ever bothered him.    

The procedure I follow each time I request information is more or less the same. When I think I should do a contact healing, I connect with my Professional MAP Team for contact healing, clear myself with essences, and ask that Team for advice.  

I usually ask the individual I am working with not to tell me what his symptoms are and where they are located, until after I have scanned his energy field with L-rods to get information. I do that because, when I scan the energy field, I do not want to know the symptoms and their location. This way my scanning is not influenced by my already having that knowledge.   

The individual and I then discuss his  health problem, and I request advice from my Professional MAP Team. The first questions I always ask are, "Can I be of  help to this individual with this problem; and, if so, is it appropriate for me to do that now?" If the answer to either question is "No," I ask "Should I refer him to someone else?" If the answer to this question is "Yes," I ask questions to find out to whom should I refer him.

If I am told I can be of help, that I may do so at that time,  and that contact healing is an appropriate modality, I ask questions to find out how I should do the contact healing, and whether I should also do other things such as balancing and stabilizing; and, if so, in what sequence.

For Peter, the only thing I did was contact healing because that is all I was advised to do. More specifically, I was advised when I should work on him, what position he should be in, where I should be while I worked on him, where I should place my hands, and how long each healing should last. I put my hands gently on his shoulders for about 10 minutes each time I saw him. I sat in a chair behind his head when he was lying on his back, I stood behind him when he was sitting in a chair. I scanned Peter with L-rods before and after each healing. His energy field was asymmetrical before each healing, but was balanced and increased by 50 to 100% after each healing.

I have been doing spiritual healing, other kinds of healings, and Therapeutic Touch for many years. However, I have obtained the most dramatic results by working in a co-creative partnership with nature; that is, by working with my Professional Team for contact healing. When I become more experienced with the Perelandra Organizing Process, I shall surrogate test with that process when I do healings.                                       

Criticism and disbelief  

People who are skeptical of spiritual and other kinds of healing claim that

1. There is no convincing evidence that the health problem, which the healer treated, actually existed as a physical problem.

2. The individual would have recovered without the healing. In other words, the recovery was a spontaneous healing which cannot be explained.

3. Any improvement following a healing is a psychosomatic placebo effect that is induced by what the healer says and how he says it; and doesn't last very long.

4. Some other treatment would have worked just as well.

If those who come up with this last criticism want to be taken seriously, they have to spell out precisely what other treatment they refer to, and also provide proof that that treatment would indeed have worked just as well in that particular case and at that time. This is impossible to do. Such a criticism is therefore nothing more than a bias which has to be recognized as such.            

 Peter's recovery was not

a placebo effect

The beneficial result from the healing was not a psychosomatic placebo effect because Peter's attitude was "What the heck, there's nothing to lose and maybe something to gain." He was surprised the morning he woke up and realized his pain and incapacitation had significantly decreased. He did different things to "make sure the improvement was real." It was obviously not something he expected when he awoke that morning.

In other words, he had not consciously programmed a positive attitude. Nor did I try to convince him that I could or would help him. All I said was that what I would do would be non-intrusive, not harmful, and might help. I never give any assurance of benefit.

Some doctors used to say that the world famous British spiritual healer Harry Edwards obtained remarkable results because he talked to those, for whom he did a healing, and convinced them that they were going to get better. Harry Edwards' reply was, "If I can do that, why can't you?"

Peter's recovery was due

to the healing

The following information explains why none of the above-mentioned criticisms apply to the healing I did for Peter.

1. There is good evidence of genetic predisposition for Peter's back problem.  

2. There is good medical documentation for his back problem over a period of 27 years, beginning when he was in junior high school.

3. At the age of 34, he had surgery for a ruptured intervertebral disk.

4. His condition at the time I did the healing was so serious that he was scheduled for another surgery when he first visited me.

5. His doctors offered surgery as the only possible means of  providing  relief from his pain and disability.

6. One night, during the two weeks of treatment, Peter dreamed that his condition had improved. I never discussed dreams or visualization with him.

7. He had no knowledge of my Professional MAP Team and how I work with that team.

8. Shortly after the last healing, his pain and incapacitation decreased to such and extent that the surgery, which had been scheduled, was cancelled.

9. His improved condition has been stable and he has been working for seven months following the last healing. Except for "numbness" which has "slightly spread into his left knee," he "remain[s] mostly pain-free."

Occam's razor

William of Occam was born in Ockham, Surrey, England, circa 1285 and died in 1349. Occam is the latinized form of Ockham. He was a Franciscan scholastic philosopher and the last outstanding medieval philosopher. His consideration of philosophical issues was so keen that his approach was likened to cutting with a razor. That is probably why he was also known as Doctor Singularis et Invincibilis - the singular and invincible teacher. In those days, doctor, which comes from the Latin, meant teacher.

His famous dictum Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem. means "Entities should not be multiplied except from necessity."  In other words, all unnecessary information on a subject being analyzed should be eliminated. In scientific work.

This dictum is known as Occam's razor. It means, "In explaining a phenomenon or considering an approach to a problem, begin with the simplest explanation or the simplest approach."     

Scientists routinely use Occam's razor in their research. So, I shall apply Occam's razor to the "research" I did with Peter. There is no question that Peter's problem existed, that it was serious, that he experienced long-term relief immediately following the healing, and that the healing saved him from surgery. The healing was the only variable in this "research."  The simplest explanation is that the healing was responsible for the beneficial outcome.

Appendix A

Biographical information

I have been doing scientific research for more than half a century. For the last 30 years or so, I have bridged two worlds - the physical and the metaphysical. During this time, I have pursued an interest in spiritual healing and other kinds of healing. Some healings I did had dramatic results. Since 1989, I have been interested in co-creative science, which involves working with nature in a new and unique way. Some of my background in science, medicine, alternative health care, spiritual healing, and working with nature in a co-creative partnership is summarized  in the following paragraphs.

Science. I have also done research on cancer, multiple sclerosis, and atherosclerosis; and have looked for antibiotics to control infectious diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. I initiated the research which resulted in the discovery of Nystatin, an antibiotic for controlling yeast and other fungal infections.

In 1943, I discovered the antibiotic Streptomycin which was the first effective means of treating tuberculosis. This disease is also known as TB, consumption, and The Great White Plague. Tuberculosis has killed an estimated two billion people during the past 200 years. Streptomycin was also the first effective treatment for pneumonic plague. This is the most deadly form of bubonic plague also known as The Black Death.

My wife Vivian once told me that I was, in a real sense, a  healer when I was doing that research more than 50 years ago because I was looking for things that would help people overcome infectious diseases and other serious health problems.

What I have done with spiritual healing, alternative health care modalities, and working with nature have expanded my knowledge and understanding of science. To retain my former, more limited concept of science, I would have to deny what I have personally experienced. This includes healings that others have don on me. It would be unscientific for me to do that. I therefore agree with Hamlet, There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in [my former] philosophy.

Experience in the medical field. Biochemist, New York State Department of Health. Division of Laboratories and Research. --- Microbiologist. Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, New York City. --- Research Biochemist, Passaic General Hospital. Passaic, NJ --- Chief, Division of Microbiology, Department of Clinical Pathology; and Associate in Pathology on the Medical Staff. Philadelphia General Hospital. --- Associate, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Medicine. --- Professor at the University of Chile, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy. --- Consultant to the Ministry of Health of Chile. ---  Invited to Cuba as a consultant to the Ministry of Public Health.

Alternative health care. I have been actively interested in alternative health care (AHC) modalities for over 40 years because their effectiveness has been well established and because they are useful in conditions where allopathic medicine has little to offer. 

I first became involved with AHC in 1952, when I became a consultant for Rodale Press, Inc. At that time, not many scientists, and doctors in the United States were actively involved with AHC.  However, the situation was different in other countries. I was invited to lecture on AHC at meetings of some organizations in the U.S.,  but more often in Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, England, and Hungary. In 1972, the Cuban Ministry of Public Health invited me to visit that country because officials in that Ministry were interested in learning about AHC.

Andrew Ivy, M.D., introduced Dr. me to alternative cancer modalities in l958 when my father was diagnosed as having cancer. Dr. Ivy, because of his international stature as a doctor and research scientist, was chosen by the United States, the Soviet Union, France and Great Britain to evaluate the Nazi's experiments on humans. He concluded that their experiments provided no information of any value. I got to know Dr. Ivy well and collaborated with him on a research problem involving the bacterial transformation of cholesterol in the intestine.

I learned much about AHC from doctors in the American Holistic Health Association who were getting good results by treating their patients with AHC. They had left the American Medical Association because that organization refused to seriously consider the AHC they were using. These doctors then formed their own organization, the American Holistic Medical Association. In the 1970s, I was invited to speak on the Therapeutic Aspects of Humor at an annual convention of the American Holistic Medical Association.

During the l970s, I served as scientific advisor for the Foundation for Alternative Cancer Therapy. I was also chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Cancer Victims and Friends. In 1970, I received an award from the American Academy of Holistic Pioneers. Since then, I have studied Scientific Swedish Massage, Feldenkrais, Tragerwork, and CranioSacral Therapy; and was for several years the Scientific Advisor for the International Academy of Massage Science.

Spiritual healing. For more than a decade, I have done contact (hands-on) and distant healings. I am a founding member of the Church for Spiritual Healing and Health, and a member of the Board of Directors of The New England Academy of Co-Creative Science and the Healing Arts Institute.

I first became interested in the spiritual healing developed by the famous British healer Harry Edwards, who founded the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. Harry Edwards' spiritual healing appealed to me because it is ecumenical and has no ritual or ceremony. It is simple, straight-forward, and effective.

I then became interested in geopathic zones which affect health and which can be detected by dowsing. This led me to dowsing for health by scanning people's energy fields with L-rods. I then took workshops in Therapeutic Touch given by Dolores Krieger and Dora Kunz who developed this modality. I am a member of the Nurse Healers Professional Associates whose primary interest is Therapeutic Touch.

Karen Carlson and I were the first to integrate Swedish Massage with Harry Edwards' spiritual healing, and recognize the spiritual aspects of massage. We were also the first to demonstrate that massage enhances the body's subtle energy field, and to interface Therapeutic Touch with Swedish Massage. Karen and I showed that Swedish Massage, done on the material body, increases the energy field even though the practitioner has not worked on that field. Conversely, it is well established that when Therapeutic Touch is done on the energy field without touching the material body, it effects changes in the material body.   

Working with nature. In 1989, I became familiar with Machaelle Small Wright's research at Perelandra. This is now my major interest. My Wife Vivian feels that is what I have been looking for all my life. 

I wrote the Forward to Machaelle's Perelandra Garden Workbook II,  the Preface to her book MAP The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program  and the Epilogue to her Perelandra Microbial Balancing Program Manual.  I also drew the Molecular Split Process Chart in her book Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon.

The White  Brotherhood is  not "some white supremacist/sexy organization… The name 'White Brotherhood' has been used for this group for centuries… 'White' is used to signify all  the rays of the light spectrum. 'Brotherhood' is used to signify not only the family of all people  [men and women] but also the family of all life."

The White Brotherhood is a part of the Family of Man that lives on other levels and in other dimensions of reality. People at Findhorn believed that "the Order of Melchizedek was part of the Brotherhood, and it is from this group that all the major religious leaders … who have been part of our history… have come."  Jesus is a member of the White Brotherhood.

Machaelle Small Wright sees the Brotherhood "operating in a co-creative role with us on this planet. They design and infuse purpose and direction into the frameworks of social order through which we on Earth move in order to learn, experience, and evolve. In essence, they create the schools through which we move. We call these schools religion, governmental structures, educational schools, philosophy, science . . . all those massive social frameworks with which we associate and within which we function."

This information about the White Brotherhood is in Machaelle's publications. Call 703-937-2153 and request a free Perelandra catalogue. Information about Jesus, who is a member of the White Brotherhood, is in the 1995 issue of the newsletter Perelandra Voices.

Appendix B

Touching is massage, prayer

and healing

Spiritual  has two meanings because there are two kinds of spirituality: religious spirituality and non-religious spirituality. One can do hands-on healing with a Professional MAP Team, which I did with Peter, within or without a spiritual context. Working in a co-creative partnership with nature  may be viewed as secular or spiritual, depending on how one views the relationship of God and nature. Working with a Professional MAP Team my also be secular or spiritual because one may or may not include Jesus as a member of that Team. The following are comments on doing hands-on healing from a religious perspective.

Spiritual massage healing includes (a) simply resting one's hands on a client without moving them, which is the biblical laying on of hands from which massage evolved, and (b) moving soft tissue manually. Secular massage does not include resting one's hands on a client without moving them.

"Repeatedly, I am awed that the most wondrous of all the massage strokes is that of simply 'resting' - resting my hands, resting my intentions, resting my heart as one would rest in contemplative prayer... This is touch raised to the art of anointing, the art of prayer and the sacrament of caring." (Mary Ann Finch, Journal of Spiritual Bodywork, Vol. 2, No. 1)

"Our hands are visible prayers. Whenever we bring our palms together in the reverent gesture of wholeness and holiness, the life inside us and the spirit behind these hands wake up and take notice... If our hands are prayers, then touching another person, as in Massage: the Art of Anointing, is indeed an embodied way of praying our care for another person... Our hands carry our love. When we take time to touch our own selves, our elders, our children, to touch the handicapped, the less fortunate, the disoriented; to touch plants and animals; to touch with gratefulness and respect the food we eat and the environment we live in, we leave a wondrous and lasting heart-print behind that says, 'I care about you; I honor you; I am here with you.' Such a touch should never be underestimated." (Mary Ann Finch, Journal of Spiritual Bodywork, Vol 2, No. 1.)

"Sister Nancy Vandeveer views massage as 'an extension of the touch of Jesus... I don't feel it's all me doing this. I truly believe it's God working through my hands to touch people. All of us are His hands now.'" (Journal of Spiritual Bodywork, Vol 2, No. 1)

According to Dr. William A. McGarey, Director of the Edgar Cayce Foundation's Medical Research Division, "Prayer need not be of the silent or the verbal type. It may be an action, such as the laying on of hands, the process that passes energy on to another individual, which brings about some degree of healing." (Journal of Spiritual Bodywork, Vol. 1, No. 1)



Linda Schatz, Philadelphia, PA

We are part of nature, and therefore part of a process that includes life, breath, healing and regeneration. In a Spiritual Massage Healing, I work with the divine healing force of nature to assist people to live more harmoniously within themselves and in the world.

Each Spiritual Massage Healing is tailored to an individual's needs at a given point in time. Sessions often include prayer, breath awareness, and the Biblical anointing with oil and laying on of hands.

I became an ordained minister in 1969 through the Universal Life Church, and am a founding member of the Church for Spiritual Healing and Health. My background and experience include art, dance, and a variety of healing modalities including Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Touch, CranioSacral Therapy and Reflexology. I also create toys and learning environments for children with special needs.


Tre van der Meulen, Chadds Ford,  PA

Editor's comment. It has been my pleasure to know for Tre several years. I was an Associate Instructor in the Professional Course in Scientific Swedish Massage and Holistic Health which she took. She was introduced to Perelandra work in a workshop I gave. She is an ordained minister who developed her own unique modality. Her philosophy is eloquently summarized in the first paragraph of her report. Like Henry David Thoreau, she marches to the beat of  [her own] drummer. Her report comments on two important issues. (1) State massage law  requirements for secular massage therapy and the National Certification Examination are not relevant to her spiritual massage healing. And (2) People will be hurt if such requirements prevent spiritual massage healers from providing the help those people want?


All I wish to do when clients come to me with health problems is express the love that I have to give others through touching. I touch from who I am and not from what a book says.

When I do spiritual massage, it's the Divine Spark in  me connecting with the Divine Spark in my client blending together into an Energy Field that goes out into the world to strengthen the love and peace of all living things and all minerals on this earth. When I do co-creative, I work in a co-creative partnership with Nature. This kind of massage is done in a healing coning by first putting out to Nature the purpose and direction with love and peace. Co-creative massage can only be used for good, not harm.

My "traditional" education is 9th grade in public school and a G.E.D. diploma.  I don't fall in the "normal" when it comes to grammar and spelling. I see things backwards at times, and numbers as well as words  sometimes get reversed. So I would probably fail a written exam.

I'm a Certified Massage Practitioner from Karen Carlson's  Course in Swedish Massage and Holistic Health, which includes anatomy and physiology. I also took weekend workshops in Foot Reflexology  and Touch for Health at The Well-Person Place; and all the workshops at Perelandra. I learned C.P.R., and studied hematology. I did all this, which totals well over 500 hours, because I wanted to learn, not because I had to take an exam to be licensed.

I feel I know as much anatomy and physiology  as I need to let my innate intelligence run my body and what I do for my clients. I have safely administered massage for many years. In doing this, I check with my clients' Higher Selves, and use kinesiology testing, prayer, advice from Angels, members of the White Brotherhood, dead people who served in higher education and had medical experience, and others from Atlantis.

What I do cannot be tested in any way, shape, or form by a national examination or a state licensing examination. How can I be tested for the color I see on energy chakras, what color needs to be increased or balanced, and how I see an acupuncture meridian. The test for my ability to give a good massage are my clients who receive my spiritual massage healing. What I do is in needed to build a world filled with love and peace.

For me to take a written test and fail it, and not be legally permitted to help people my way, would do the public more harm than good. Your truth is your truth and I honor it. What I do is a my own wonderful service to mankind. As I honor your truth, please honor mine. Don't ask me to leave my path and take your road.


Consuelo Cianci, Drexel Hill, PA

About the author: Consuelo is an ordained minister in the Church for the Healing Arts. Her Healing Arts Gallery is a Healing Ministry of Light and Massage which teaches The Natural Way to a Positive Philosophy of Life. Her motto is God's Joy and Light to All. Consuelo says she blends her inherent Native American intuition with her Christian Spanish spirituality, and uses her wisdom from both cultures to bring balance and understanding to her spiritual massage healing. Her name, Consuelo, she explains, means consolation and to console. She developed her own unique spiritual massage healing, beginning about 20 years ago, and has integrated it with aromatherapy during the past four or five years.

Aromatherapy is about 5000 years old because passages in the Bible refer to the use of plants and oils for healing. For example, in Matthew 26:7, a woman came to Jesus with an alabaster flask containing a fragrant oil,  and poured it on His head as he sat at a table. This was Spikenard oil, which in those days was very expensive. I use this oil in my spiritual massage healing practice because its wonderful scent is sweet and heavenly. Frankincense, Myrrh, Cassias, Cinnamon and other oils are also mentioned in the Bible.

The laying on or hands and the use of oil in our daily spiritual Christian lives should be remembered and observed in our spiritual massage healing practices as well as in our daily lives. I cannot imagine a day without essential oils in my life. They are heavenly essences sent to us from God. Besides the spiritual healing aspect of essential oils, they were used in other ceremonies, personal body care, and medicine in ancient times.

Before, during, and after each massage, I pray for God's loving grace to be part of my client's massage experience. In my personal spiritual massage healing practices, I never administer a loving, caring spiritual massage without essential oils in my oil base or water. I also make water a part of my massage, again going back to the Bible for my belief in its cleansing power when it's use is combined with reverent prayer.

When you start to use essential oils in your practice and in your life, you won't want to give another massage without them. I use Lavender for its cleansing, soothing effect on the nervous system, its gentleness to the skin, and its help in lifting one's life spirit. I use Lime to release excess water buildup and for its refreshing effect on the system. I use Frankincense for its revitalizing sensation on the spirit and for its soothing effect on older skin.  

I have personally experienced secular massage and aromatic massage. Being a healer and an ordained minister, I can truly testify that there is a significant difference between those kinds of massage and an essential oil massage combined with prayer. I believe not everyone is able to understand and appreciate the combination of prayer, massage, essential oils, and the basic good news of a Christian Ministry. At times, depending on the recipient, the massage is so spiritually charged with GOD's Love that it becomes a wonderful, uplifting experience for both my client and myself. 

Essential oils give plants their fragrances. In their natural state, these oils include or are associated with complex biochemicals such as vitamins, antibiotics, and antiseptics. This is why they bring a harmonious state to mind, body, spirit, and emotion; promote wellness; and are healing to our system. They are God's natural medicine, all ready for us to use to help the healing factors that God' nature gave us. The harmonious biochemical components that make up an essential oil and the scent of the essential oil are both good for us.

Just imagine giving or receiving a spiritual healing massage in a warm, safe, naturally  aromatic environment where the air is filled with the aroma of Rose Oil, Orange Blossoms, Mimosa, or Lavender Oil. How beautifully inviting! How restful! How spiritually peaceful!

Aromatherapy's healing potential, which stems from God, has the ability to promote relaxation and engender a sense of joy and tranquillity in the recipient. In so doing, it creates favorable conditions within the body, mind, spirit, and emotion for healing to take place naturally.

Essential oils can be inhaled, massaged into the skin, placed in bath water, and used in beauty treatments. They are considered natural healers and antiseptics, and contribute to our emotional health.

Smell plays an important role. It stimulates the ancient Limbic part of the brain that responds to order. An aroma can evoke memories and emotions and in that way help create a beautiful state of mind. Many books and workshops can help you lean about this beautiful healing aid.

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