JSB Vol. 3

Journal of Spiritual Bodywork is concerned with (a) the spiritual aspects of bodywork healing, (b)the bodywork needed to heal Mother Earth from the devastation of nature which now threatens our survival as a species, and (c) what these two kinds of healing have in common.


Vol. 3. No. 4

Schatz, A. Tracy Williams and her Touch/Ability are God's gifts to the disabled.

Vol. 3. No. 3
Spiritual massage healingSM

Report of two more healings.

How does the Church for Spiritual Healing and Health differ from other churches?

Our research on state regulation of massage is concerned with Freedom. Freedom for massage therapists. Freedom from exploitation.

Vol. 3. No. 2

The necessity of prayer in spiritual massage healing.

A one-day workshop. Dowsing for health. Healing ourselves and one another with spiritual healing and Therapeutic Touch.

A third amendment to the articles of incorporation of the Church for Spiritual Healing and Health.

Service marks for spiritual massage and spiritual massage healing.

Spiritual but not religious.

Vol. 3. No. 1

Report of a healing. A lower back injury.

Recommended reading. For those who want to heal ourselves and our planet.

Our Lady of Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies.

Massage is a performing art. Come dance with us.

About your editors.

Two opposite positions on licensure.

Pennsylvania Licensure Coalition.

Pennsylvania Coalition Opposed to Licensure.

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