MLN Vol. 12

Massage Law Newsletter



Vol. 12. No. 4

PA Senate Bill 1220, to Regulate Massage, is Illegal Because it Violates Constitutional Law and U.S. Supreme Court Decisions Which:

    Protect Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press?

    Prohibit Discrimination and Arbitrary Governmental Interference?

    Prohibit Restraint of Trade, Monopolies, and Unfair Trade Practices?

Senate Bill 1220 is Not Needed For Consumer Protection Because:

    Unregulated Massage Therapists Have NOT Harmed People.

Vol. 12. No.3

Pennsylvania does not need Senate Bill 1220 to regulate massage therapists "To Protect the Public from Harm" because there is no harm.


Vol. 12.No.2.

Why is "Physical Therapy" the "Business" of the American Massage Therapy Associtation (AMTA)?

Why does AMTA support state regulation?

Vol. 12. No. 1

Correspondence with William A. Philips about regulation of massage therapists in Pennsylvania.

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