MLN Vol.13

Massage Law Newsletter - This newsletter presents the "other side" of state massage laws and state regulation. Also included are court cases, public testimony and other items of interest pertaining to massage law.

Contents:  Volume 13


Vol. 13. No.4

Pennsylvania Does Not Need Senate Bill 1220 to Protect the Public From Harm.

Will Green, President of the IMA Group Tells Us that Massage Therapists do Not Harm People.

This is Why Massage Therapists Now Pay 50% Less for Malpractice Insurance Than They Did Five Years Ago.

Vol. 13. No.3

A Declaration of Conscience.  Why I am opposed to State Regulation, National Certification, and COMTA.

Why is the Minnesota Chapter of the AMTA Supporting a Bill to Regulate Massage Therapists?

Vol. 13. No.2

655,200 Reasons Why Minnesota Does Not Need to Regulate Massage Therapists to Protect the Public From Harm.

There's No Harm in Georgia and No Harm in the Canadian Province of Quebec.  So, Why Would There Be Any Harm in Minesota?

The World of Massage is Not Flat.  The Heliocentric Role of State Regulation in the Solar System of Bodywork is Kapput.

Proponents of State Regulation Are Not Fuegans.

Vol. 13. No. 1

PA Senate Bill 1220, to Regulate Massage, is Illegal.

Senate Bill 1220's restricted use of the Generic Term "Massage" Illegally Prohibits "commercial" Speech Because Unregulated Massage Therapists Have NOT Harmed Anybody.

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