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 Vol. 2, No. 3                                           ISSN 1080-3262                                     October 1996        


Who are we and what are we doing?

Two gardens of massage - secular and spiritual.

     Which one do you want to grow in?

Readers' comments.

  Massage Humor

Massage olympics are now a  reality.

Massage parlors will have their own schools and national certification.


Albert Schatz and Mary Brewster

My country is the world and my religion is to do good. - Tom Paine

I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world. - Socrates

 I consider myself a Hindu, Christian, Moslem, Jew, Buddhist, and Confusian. - Mohandas Gandhi

The major massage/bodywork journals are concerned with secular massage/bodywork. We're concerned with spiritual massage healing and spiritual bodywork. We present information that is not available or readily available elsewhere. We also evaluate and interpret information differently. We are therefore not competing with the major journals. We're qualitatively different. We're an alternative.

Our overriding  concern is the health and welfare of this planet and all living creatures. We believe that massage, with a spiritual focus and with a new perspective of nature, which involves working in a co-creative partnership with nature, can contribute significantly to the health of our planet and all its living organisms.1,2 .

Although we are concerned primarily with spiritual massage healing, we publish certain information about secular, symptom-directed, medically-oriented massage therapy because it is important for us to know and understand what is happening with that modality. Knowledge of the profound difference between these two modalities enables us to more effectively protect the identity and sanctity of spiritual massage healing, and more clearly focus on who we are and what we are doing - our mission.

Spiritual massage healing is not an offshoot of or something complementary to secular massage therapy. Like Henry David Thoreau, it marches to the beat of its own drummer. It is an independent modality in its own right. As such, it may be an alternative to both conventional medical treatment and  secular massage therapy. Conversely, conventional medicine and secular massage therapy may be alternatives to spiritual massage healing. This does not preclude complementary relationships among these modalities.3

To the extent that secular massage therapy is controlled by the massage industry (state regulation, national certification, the medical model, etc.)2 its future contributions are likely to be more quantitative (more of the same) than qualitative. Spiritual massage healing, which is not affected by the Industrial Revolution of Massage,2 as secular massage therapy is, provides more freedom to explore and more opportunity to make qualitatively important contributions. Because it provides this freedom, spiritual massage healing may be viewed as Liberation Theology.2

Many people believe that Peter Ling (1776-1839 ) was the first to put massage on a scientific basis. Be that as it may, Ling worked within the medical model and science of his time.4 The major advances since then have  been made outside the medical model of contemporary secular massage therapy, the massage profession, the massage industry, and contemporary science. These major advances are:

(a) the integration of Harry Edwards' spiritual healing with Swedish Massage. This resulted in the discovery of the spiritual aspects of Swedish Massage and other western bodywork,5 and the recognition of spiritual massage healing as an independent health care modality.6 This led to the establishment of the Church for Spiritual Healing and Health.7

(b) the integration of Swedish Massage and Therapeutic Touch which derives from the biblical laying on of hands. This led to the recognition of a subtle energy component in Swedish Massage and all other  western bodywork.8

(c) the integration of nature with massage and other kinds of health care including self-health care. This is the research of Machaelle Small Wright at Perelandra, which led to the development of co-creative science. This involves working in a co-creative partnership with nature.9

These advances in massage have profound philosophical and practical implications because they go beyond contemporary medicine, most of which is still based on Descartes' separation of mind and body, beyond secular massage therapy, and beyond contemporary science which is based on Newtonian-Cartesian Science and the new physics.4

Our focus is on the relationship between co-creative science  and spirituality - both religious and secular. There are important differences between these two kinds of science. For example Jesus has no place in contemporary science, but He does in the White Brotherhood which is associated with nature and co-creative science.10,11 (Information about the White Brotherhood is in the following section.)

Contemporary science and co-creative science also have very different attitudes toward nature which we consider to be the missing link between co-creative science and spirituality (religious and secular). We shall elaborate on this in future articles.

What we are doing is therefore quite different from the increasing interest in the relationship of contemporary science and religion.  This is the main focus of The John Templeton Foundation (P.O. Box 8322. Radnor, PA 19087-8322) which publishes a most informative newsletter, Progress in Theology.

What is the White Brotherhood?

The White  Brotherhood is  not "some white supremacist/sexy organization… The name 'White Brotherhood' has been used for this group for centuries… 'White' is used to signify all  the rays of the light spectrum. 'Brotherhood' is used to signify not only the family of all people  [men and women] but also the family of all life." This and the following information is quoted from Machaelle Small Wright's book MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program. She is also the author of the book Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered.

The White Brotherhood is a part of the Family of Man that lives on other levels and in other dimensions of reality. People at Findhorn believed that "the Order of Melchizedek was part of the Brotherhood, and it is from this group that all the major religious leaders … who have been part of our history… have come."  Jesus is a member of the White Brotherhood.11

Machaelle Small Wright sees the Brotherhood "operating in a co-creative role with us on this planet. They design and infuse purpose and direction into the frameworks of social order  through which we on Earth move in order to learn, experience, and evolve. In essence, they create the schools through which we move. We call these schools religion, governmental structures, educational schools, philosophy, science . . . all those massive social frameworks with which we associate and within which we function."11


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A laugh a day keeps insanity away. - Albert Schatz

Humor is a prelude to faith, and laughter is the beginning of prayer. - Reinhold Niebuhr



 The AMTA  Garden

Scott Lamp, President-Elect of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), "believe[s] that it is AMTA who tends the 'Garden of Massage' in America, making the difficult choices about planting and pruning, When carefully tended," he said, "a beautiful garden has room for all types of trees. And a good gardener does NOT believe that the land belongs to him, but rather is entrusted to him."1

Reality is in the eyes

of the beholder

We see things differently. The AMTA Garden of Massage is a Garden of Secular Massage only. Furthermore, we believe that the AMTA is not the gardner who tends the garden, but the gatekeeper. The gardeners are massage therapists because they are the ones who cultivate, make decisions about, and carefully tend their clients.

The Garden of Spiritual

Massage Healing

Spiritual massage healers do not have, want, or need any organization which is the self-proclaimed gardener of our ministry. Each spiritual massage healer assumes that responsibility.

Many massage therapists know that the AMTA does not have the only "Garden of Massage in America." They are not members of AMTA because they are attracted to  other gardens. Some, like Marian Chapman in Arkansas, prefer the Garden of Spiritual Massage Healing. Marian believes, "We are the dressers and the keepers of [this] garden... The massage modalities practiced and being brought forth today were all once ours and got lost along the way. As we grow, God is returning them to us as re-discoveries. Each of them is meant to be, and eventually will be, incorporated into Spiritual Healing... We've lost that knowledge. It will be returned to us."

"My own interest in" the Spiritual Massage Healing Ministry "stems from my belief that massage is the 'anointing with oil and laying on of hands' as recorded in the Judeo-Christian Bible. I believe touch is the original healing gift given to us by God, that Christ showed us touch can generate spiritual healing and anointed his followers with the gift to be vehicles for the same, and that God, not myself, is the healer. It is work I asked God for, in prayer, and is a part of  my worship. I never enter into massage without first centering with prayer; turning my space and myself over to God for His spiritual healing."

"I will not place my hands under the jurisdiction of the medical community or ever practice medical massage..."

["It is not my belief that spiritual healing takes place only through Christians. There are too many documented cases of  spiritual healing through others." (Arkansas Alliance for Massage Practitioners, Summer 1996)]

     Spiritual massage healing

  is religious worship

The following definition of spiritual massage healing2 is in the articles of incorporation (in Pennsylvania) of the Church for Spiritual Healing and Health. This definition reveals that spiritual massage healing is a mode of worship performed in a religious ceremony.

Spiritual massage healing is a form of divinely inspired and divinely guided religious healing. It consists of prayer, love, anointing with oil and movements derived from the laying on of hands. It is the practice of one's religious faith and conscience. It is a mode of worship. The spiritual massage practitioner is a religious healer. Prayer is an integral part of spiritual massage healing. It provides the healer with guidance. Without prayer, there is no spiritual massage healing.

The Arkansas constitution protects

 spiritual massage healing because

 it is religious worship

The Garden of Spiritual Massage Healing  is protected by the Arkansas Constitution which is more expansive, with respect to freedom of religion, than the First Amendment to the constitution of the United States. Article 2, §§ 24 and 25 of the Arkansas constitution read as follows:

 All men have a natural and indefeasible right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their consciences; no man can, of right, be compelled to attend, erect or support any place of worship; or to maintain any ministry against his consent. No human authority can, in any case or manner whatsoever, control or interfere with the right of conscience; and no preference shall ever be given, by law, to any religious establishment, denomination or mode of worship above any other.

Regarding protection of religion, the constitution reads: Religion, morality and knowledge being essential to good government, the General Assembly shall enact suitable laws to protect  every religious denomination in the peaceful enjoyment of public worship.

The Arkansas constitution, like many other constitutions, guarantees people the right to worship according to their conscience, without control or interference by any human authority. But it does much more than that. It requires the General Assembly to enact laws that specifically protect that right; namely, the people's right to peaceful enjoyment of public worship. 

The term public worship  means that information about how, when, and where people worship is public knowledge. The term peaceful  has two meanings: (a) public worship shall not disturb the peace and tranquility of others, and (b) people shall have their peace of mind that they are safe when worshipping openly; that is, with full knowledge of the public.

Liberty is always dangerous, but it

is the safest thing we have. -

 Henry Emerson Fosdick

The Arkansas constitution therefore assures people that they may worship without fear of persecution and prosecution. This is important because history is replete with accounts of people who had to worship in secrecy. Public knowledge of how, when, and where they worshipped  endangered their lives. During the Middle Ages, the church accused many women healers of witchcraft and heresy. They were then imprisoned, tortured, raped, and killed.

The church at that time considered that it and it alone was the only acceptable judge of all healing. Its unsuccessful struggle to dominate and control health care eventually resulted in its loss of considerable political power. However, millions of people were the innocent victims of that struggle. The present secular state is not the only acceptable judge of healing any more than the church was during the Middle Ages. Let us not have any present-day martyrs. Tre van der Meulen eloquently highlighted this important issue as follows:

[It] would do the public more harm than good ...for me to take a written test and fail it, and not be legally permitted to help people my way. Your truth is your truth and I honor it. What I do is my own wonderful service to mankind. As I honor your truth, please honor mine. Don't ask me to leave my path and take your road.

What I do is needed to build a world filled with love and peace... What I do cannot be tested in any way, shape, or form by a national examination or a state licensing examination. How can I be tested for the color I see on energy chakras, what color needs to be increased or balanced, and how I see an acupuncture meridian. The test for my ability to give a good massage are my clients who receive my spiritual massage healing.  (Journal of Spiritual Bodywork. Vol. 2, No. 3. 1996.)

Spiritual massage healing ministers believe they have been chosen and ordained by God (St. John 15:16) and sent forth to minister as His ministering spirits (Hebrews 1:14). Marian Chapman expressed this clearly when she said God, not myself, is the healer. [What I do] is work I asked God for, in prayer, and is a part of my worship. I never enter into massage without first centering with prayer; turning my space and myself over to God for His spiritual healing. What Marian does is her peaceful enjoyment of public worship.

One nation under God, with liberty

and justice for all

The General Assembly of Arkansas has a constitutional obligation to enact suitable laws to protect every religious denomination and every mode of worship. It therefore has a constitutional obligation to enact laws to specifically protect spiritual massage healers like Marian Chapman because their spiritual massage healing is their mode of worship.

They need to be protected from secular regulation by the Arkansas State Board of [secular] Massage Therapy - because (according to the Arkansas constitution) No human authority can, in any case or manner whatsoever, control or interfere with the right of conscience; and no preference shall ever be given, by law, to any religious establishment, denomination or mode of worship above any other.

To require spiritual massage healers to comply with the secular requirements of the Arkansas State Board of [secular] Massage would violate their constitutional right to worship according to their conscience, without control or interference by any human authority. It would also violate their constitutional right to peaceful enjoyment of public worship.

It is sufficient that a citizen enjoy his

freedom. He isn't required to justify it.

History does that for him. -

Judge James C. Hill

Secular medicine now recognizes that spiritual healing and prayer, which the state  may not regulate, are legitimate health care modalities. State agencies which regulate secular massage therapy should, in turn, recognize that spiritual massage healing, which the state may not regulate, is as legitimate a health care modality as secular massage therapy is. Unfortunately, recent development advise us to be on guard to protect the separation of church and state.

I believe there are more instances of the

abridgement of the freedom of the people by

gradual and silent encroachment of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations. -

 James Madison

"This country was not founded on Christianity but on the principle of  religious freedom"3  which the first Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Arkansas protect. Despite these constitutional provisions, speakers at the September, 1996, Christian Coalition's annual "Road to Victory" convention... "pray[ed] for an America in which the separation of church and state is blurred if not obliterated."4

It can't happen here' is always wrong: a dictatorship can happen anywhere. - Karl Popper

"Thomas Jefferson knew the danger of having a single religious view tied to politics. The most passionate effort of his life was to ... assure religious liberty for all. He described himself on his tombstone not as president of the United States but as author of the Declaration of Independence and the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom."5 Jefferson "and his great  confederate, James Madison, saw two centuries ago, that the urge to impose religious conformity upon the variety of human spiritual inclinations would be the great curse of the modern state."6 Fortunately, the General Assembly of the state of Arkansas is constitutionally obligated to enact laws to protect the separation of church and state.

Democracy is a process, not a static condition.  It is becoming, rather than being. It can easily be lost, but it is never fully won. Its essence is eternal struggle. - William H. Hastie

This report presents opinions only, and is not to be taken as legal advice.


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I truly enjoy the Journal and Newsletter. I learn so much and agree with so much in them. - CM

I particularly like the September 15th [1995] Spiritual Massage Ministry Newsletter, [especially] the paragraphs one through four [in the first article]. - NH

As I ... [read] the latest newsletter and journal ... I find myself marking passages... So much of what you are saying is so terribly, important to try to help people understand and then want to change their whole way of doing things. We must ... if extinction (in more than one area) is to be halted. - CM

I've really gotten a lot out of your last two newsletters. This current one is really great. I have personally chosen to detach from the category of massage therapist. I ... pray before my sessions, and do ... all that goes along ...  mentally and spiritually with ... the physical movement... After reading your current newsletter, I ... realized that I am not the only one who has questioned certification... I have all the qualifications ... and come highly recommended by three chiropractors and my clients, but ... I have a reading comprehension disability and dyslexia. No way does that affect my work capability. For, you see, I do His work and His healing by His grace. He works through me and that cannot be tested, no way! I prayed for God's Will and a healing ministry out of my own pain, and He blessed me abundantly.- VD

Just finished reading [the] current issue of the Spiritual Massage Ministry Newsletter. Even after having been licensed for 20 years and [teaching] for 15, I have to agree that ultimately it is the work itself - person to person/soul to soul - that legitimizes, certifies, validates whether the work it beneficial or not. I always taught that licensure does not guarantee clients. It simply gives permission to practice in a state that requires it... I enjoy your logic... You are certainly able to raise the question and answer it proficiently. I also appreciate that you care enough to take a stand and make a statement. If anything needs to be supported and applauded, it is the passion that makes someone stand up for their beliefs. You could even qualify as a evangelical minister - to bring the  "word" to the world. I thank you for that. - RJ

Thanks for all you do for those of us who love ministering with massage. The newsletters are filled with useful information. I am passing some on to [others]. The feedback has been positive. The last newsletter for not regulating massage proved useful in a letter to our new governor. I wrote him a long letter suggesting he look into the feasibility of abolishing  [licensure] of Massage Therapy. I gave him lots of reasons why [that] would be better for the state, the public and us [massage therapists]. I backed it up with information from your newsletter. - CM

I became a member of the Spiritual Massage Ministry  last fall. I want to let you know how much I have been enjoying the Journal of Spiritual Bodywork as well as your various humorous publications. - CJ

I love Mary's humor. - NH

I have myself, for several years concluded what you have confirmed in your last couple of newsletters... I've experienced and witnessed much healing through massage in myself and my clients, and it goes way beyond a licensing or certifying piece of paper, or testing. .. Our work is above and beyond. There is a spiritual force and power at hand here... I personally have asked God, my Father, to allow me to be a vessel to heal as Jesus healed. I know that God has truly blessed me with a ministry and that it is my purpose in life to help heal others. .. My hat is off to you, Albert, in your research  and documentation of the information in your newsletters. May God continue to bless you in your inspiration and health. - DRV

I want to share ... my finding solace in your [last] newsletter 'cause I've had lots of training  but I'm one who doesn't want to take NCE (National Certification Examination], nor would I probably do well. At Esalen, the first day, my teacher stood behind me and whispered in my ear "I don't have to teach you anything." Most of the classes since then have been attempts at vocabulary - trying to communicate to folks who want to learn... I was happy to find you and later Perelandra. Thanks so much for doing this work that I so desperately need. - HLN

I've appreciated the info in your newsletters so much. Thank you. - CA 



The  Georgina and Willard Gustapher Hillingzinger Family Trust has given the Twerpwyck University College of Innovative Massage (TUCIM) a $100,000,000 grant to organize an International Massage Olympics and develop a U.S. Olympic Massage Team. The award was made to memorialize their daughter Karmelulla who died when a sports massage therapist accidentally broke her neck. Karmelulla had always wanted to be a member of a U.S. Olympic Team, but could never decide which event she wanted to be in.

Because the sports massage therapist who broke  Karlmelulla's neck and killed her was state-certified, The Georgina and Willard Gustapher Hillngzinger Family Trust imposed the following conditions on the $100,000,000 grant:

1. Everything must be done independently of all professional massage organizations so no such organization will get its hands, directly or indirectly, on any of the $100,000,000.

2. All Olympic Team members and judges must be massage therapists who are self-taught, have never been state-certified, and have never taken the National Certification Examination.

A TUCIM Olympic Events Committee, chaired by Prof. Anzel Hygo Worthling, is presently workng on what massage events will be included, and how they will be judged.



The National Association of Massage Parlor Owners (NAMPO) held its 1996 Annual Convention in Hoboken, New Jersey, last August.The members unanimously voted to establish their own schools for parlor massage therapists and bodyworkers, and a National Certification Examination Board for Parlor Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers. The NAMPO Committee on the Future Development of the Massage Parlor Profession had been studying this issue for three years. The Committee's Report recommended that:

1. Schools be established with 10 hours of classroom instruction and 500-hours of hands-on training.

2. A School Accreditation Board be established to establish and maintain high standards for the classroom instruction and the hands-on training.

3. A National Certification Board be created to develop an appropriate examination.

4.  A Government Relations Committee be elected to begin promoting state licensure for massage parlor therapists and bodyworkers.

The Committee presented figures showing that the massage industry, which controls the massage  profession, is a multi-million dollar annual business. The massage parlor industry is potentially much  more lucrative. The Committee reported that many state legislators frequent massage parlors three or four times a week, but very few go to massage therapists. Thus, getting state laws enacted for parlor massage will be easy.

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